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Latest Souce Code
Canabalt is a fun diversion and sports slick, black and white pixel graphics
Play through 35 levels of increasing difficulty as Bubbsy tries to find the baby bubs who have gone missing on various parts of a very eerie and dangerous planet!
Barcodes Scanner
Barcodes is a simple yet powerful barcode scanner for iPhone. It allows you to scan these tags you now see almost everywhere!
AntiMap Log
AntiMap Log is a smart phone utility application for ‘recording’ your own data. Whether your out snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, driving, running, or whatever your into
Mover+ is the quickest way to move stuff from iPhone A to iPhone B, with style. Put what you want to send on the Mover table, connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and flick it offscreen
NatsuLion for iPhone
NatsuLion for iPhone" (a.k.a. "NatsuLiphone") is a simple Twitter client for iPhone/iPod touch. It has simple, fast, and slick user-interface to enjoy Twitter. It's based on NatsuLion for Mac OSX and it's open source application, too
Jump on platforms, collect coins on the way, and get highest score. Tweejump is a jumping arcade game inspired by many wonderful games including Icy Tower, Doodle Jump, PapiJump, and others.
PocketFlicks puts the power of Netflix in your hands! With iPhone and PocketFlicks you can find movies and manage your Netflix information, all while on the go.
Echofon for Twitter
Echofon is an easy to use, super-fast Twitter app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
The iPhone version of Diceshaker is built by the "Multiverse" labs build infrastructure
Automatic GUI Folder Synchronization for iPhone/iPod Touch
Status Notifier
iPhone Email, SMS, MMS, IM, Call, Voicemail notification in status bar
iPhone calculator application
An iPhone calculator application.
Tunes Remote
TunesRemote is a web application running on OSX 10.5 which serves up iPhone optimized pages to control your iTunes playback.
Mobile Colloquy for iPhone
Mobile Colloquy for iPhone, based on the great IRC core from the Mac OS X version of Colloquy.
iPhone Doom
Currently a work-in-progress, more a proof-of-concept than a playable game.
Five Dice
Five Dice Think Yahtzee™ Fun, and easy to play. The iPhone is a great platform for a native version of this game. Enjoy!
iNewsgroup is a iPhone newsgroup client.
Ants crawl around on your screen. Do with them what you would w/ real ants.
Mobile Tetrominos
MobileTetrominos is a clone of a certain famous falling block game for the iPhone and a proud member of MobileStudio. Why? Because games guard sanity.
Sick of having to keep RSS feeds as bookmarks on the iPhone? Don't like having to browse to a website to check your feeds? Ever wanted a native RSS reader on the iPhone/Touch? Well this project is here to fix all of that.
Mobile Preview
A mobile version of the Mac Preview utility for the iPhone.
Mobile TextEdit
A Text Editor for iPhone Currently MobileTextEdit opens a file supplied from the command line and will also save to the same file.
MobileFinder is a filesystem navigator for use with iPhones which have been jailbroken iPhone
iPhone Books Reader
BookShelf is an easy to use electronic book reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Two-way Video Conferencing for iPhone
The current app does not support more than two users, and will not just compile and magically work.
AFP Server on Your iPhone
This software connects your iPhone (or touch) to your computer using AFP, the AppleTalk Filing Protocol. Your iPhone/touch shows up on your desktop as a disk with full read/write access.
P2P torrent on the iPhone
Your iPhone plays audio. Your iPhone plays video. Until now, you had to sync those suckers. NOTE: PLEASE! What ever you do, don't attempt this on EDGE kids!
The Nintendo Emulator for iPhone emulates the hardware in a Nintendo entertainment system, allowing you to play games on your iPhone.
Molecules is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to view three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulate them using your fingers.
Telekinesis iPhone Remote
Remotely access your Mac through a collection of mini web apps on your iPhone.
GWT iPhone Feed Reader
A demonstration application showing how the Google Web Toolkit can be used to develop rich applications that target mobile browsers.
iPhone Mobile Terminal
This is the home of, a terminal emulator application for the iPhone.
WordPress for iPhone
The first Open Source app that lets you write posts, upload photos, and edit your WordPress blog from your iPhone or iPod Touch
Updating User Interface Controls
The app is "Minutes to Midnight" it is simply a countdown of the time left I have to finish this app before tomorrow.
Animating with the UIImageView
For day 2 I picked something that has been popular in the App Store… “Animations”. The first App I did was iFlame which was a simple video of a flame I shot myself. At the time I had not seen a flame or lighter in the App Store and thought it would be cool to have a flame to hold up at a concert...
Launching native apps with openURL
openURL helps you launch Maps, SMS, Browser, Phone, and even other applications. This is one area of iPhone development that I always have to look up again when I need to do it and it is only one line!
Count Me In
Sure everybody know how to count, counting is easy. But many of us have to wear 47 hats, so to speak, and multitask our way through the day.
Reaction Time
Simple reaction time is usually defined as the time required for an observer to detect the presence of a stimulus. For example, an observer might be asked to press a button as soon as a light or sound appears.
Speed Dial
Speed dialer is for fast and easy calling to your favorite contacts, we can all use that!
Flickr KML
This is a simple application with a very cool effect. It allows users to load the Flickr KML file in to Google Maps on the iPhone. This will show push pins on the map for photos that have been recently geotagged on Flickr.
Snow Fall
This is a simple application with a very cool effect. It renders a dynamic snow shower with a single flake image.
Where am I?
Most of us know where we are at any given moment. But few of us know our exact longitude, latitude, and altitude. Now thanks to 'Where am I?' you can always know as long as you have your trusty iPhone at your side.
A plumb-bob or a plummet is a weight with a pointed tip on the bottom that is suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line.
U Decide
Life is about making decisions, sometimes tough decisions. But now we can take advantage of our iPhone to let them make the tough decisions for us.
Enjoy everyones favorite mobile search engine without the Navagation bar and the toolbar.
Sleep Sound
Sleep Sound is a sound generator that will play sounds of the ocean to help soothe you to sleep. It could also help relive stress, and calm you during times of relaxation and meditation
ZipWeather allows you to look up weather conditions by ZIP Code
World Tour
World Tour is an iPhone application that will help you keep track of when the iPhone Tech Talk World Tour is coming to town.
What's my IP?
With What is my IP you can get an IP with ease. Run the program and you see the IP being used.
Tap Tap Revolution
Tap Tap Revolution: the fast-tapping iPhone music game by natetrue
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